Safes like parachute you want a good one when you need it!!!

So what is a good safe and how to find it?

There is several reasons why one desires a safe in his home, the most common to protect your most valuable items from being taken by burglar or fire.

I would suggest to evaluate the safe as the valuables in it.

If it contains important papers money, titles, land deed you want to have a fire resistant safe or you putting that  important paperwork in lockable stove because once there is fire it will burn in about 10 minutes of 500 degree temperature average house fire reaches 970 degrees. If you have coins, jewelry, hard metal collectibles the fire resistance not as important all thou it never hurts.

Now lets talk about value of things, if you baying a safe for 100$, that means it cost about 30$ to manufacture it. The materials that been used to do so are the lowest quality and most cost officiant to the manufacture, and  yes disregard any stickers that the safe has on it saying it is the best bay you can do, and it will protect all your valuables from theft. Average person with crow bar  and 30 min can open it.

Another thing if you put 5000$ in a safe that cost 100$ you might as well hide it in your mattress it will be more officiant  way of protecting it, the bulky safe that sits in  your closet behind some boxes, most cases not bolted to the floor, here is some links  to show you what these safes worth:

1. Sentry fire box opening

2. A bigger Sentry safe opening

3. Another safe opening video

Same apply to gun safes, the metal box is bigger so it can fit larger items its not any more secure then videos above.

The application for the safes above is to keep your children from trouble at home and getting in to stuff they not suppose to.

I hope by now i actually got your attention

Now lets talk about REAL SAFES:

When you purchasing a safe there is several factors you need to think about:

1. What is the value of your items

2. What are you trying get protection from, fire, water, burglary

3. How big are the items you want to store in your safe.

4. How many people actually know that you have those items


For example:

Joe has 5000$ dollars two car titles and diamond ring that been passed in his family for 3 generations,

for this scenario a hidden floor safe  installed in the concrete foundation of the house will be a good choice.

The floor safe go any where from low 500 installed to about 1200$ for more complicated jobs. They are extremely hard to break open and usually require lots of noise.

floor safe
Amsec Floor safe












Same Joe now lives in a new house build on pierces which means no concrete slab to put the safe in,

the new safe of a choice will be Grandall 2 hours and 1200 degrees  fire resistant, burglary resistant  .

This two and a half foot safe is 250 pounds features a pry resistant back lid support 3 one inch harden steel bolts comes with digital or mechanical dials very good choice for a small safe.  They cost any where between 800-1200 $ and they will keep the bad guy out for a e while.

grandal safe
Grandal Safe
Grandall safe
Grandall safe