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Purchase a replacement keyless remote, key fob for your car from us!car remotes

We offer a wide selection of original manufacturer, OEM keyless entry RKE , key fobs at discount prices for American and European vehicles. Purchase from us and Save.

We also offer auto car starter fobs for most OEM applications.

Some late model vehicles are factory equipped with auto car remote starters brand new.

Remotes, transponder keys and all accessories we offer are always on sale in our shop.
You can also buy a replacement battery for your system or the programming instructions if you already have a car remote.

We also sell accessories like remote covers, replacement car keys.

How to repair or fix your remote control?

Using some of the parts we sell for the key fob remote transmitters, you can repair your broken fob, cracked case.

What is car a remote?

Car Key RemotesCar remote entry allows you to unlock your car by pushing a remote button that is usually attached to your key chain or key ring, in some cases it also allows you to open the trunk or turn on the interior lights to help enter or exit from your car at night.
A keyless remote (sometimes called car fob or key fob) can include a standard keyless entry system (also known as RKE systems) and a proximity keyless ignition system (RKI, which is standard on many Chevy, GMC, Buick, Caddy and Pontiac cars). Later model cars offer these system they not cheap, therefore is usually only installed on high end model cars or “loaded” versions of vehicles. Those systems are also sometimes called hands-free, which well describes how those work.
If the vehicle is equipped with Advanced Key system, a vehicle can be unlocked without the driver needing to push a button on the key fob remote to lock or unlock the car.
Using proximity systems also offer so called start push button, which allows the driver to start ignition, engine without having to insert the key and turning the ignition.
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