High-Security, Laser cut keys

High-security keys or laser cut keys:

Car keys have evolved in recent years with advances in laser key cutting technology and transponder key programming. Most people incorrectly

Laser cut key

assume they need to visit the dealership they purchased their car from to get a replacement set of car keys made, but did you know Mobile Locksmith can cut keys for any type of vehicle? At Mobile Locksmith we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new car key technology to ensure we can offer our customers complete car key replacement solutions.

So what laser high security keys are ?

Why most car manufactures go to this keys:
Laser cut car keys have been around for a while now;Laser cut keys really not cut by any laser, the name came from laser precision of a machine that actually called side winder. The machine side milling  the key cuts on  a metal block key with extreme precision. In years past, replacing laser cut keys was extremely expensive, however Mobile locksmith now offers inexpensive laser key cutting services for any make or model vehicle. Simply contact your local Mobile Locksmith location, provide them information about your vehicle, and a laser cutting technician will arrive at your location to provide fast and affordable replacement laser cut keys that are guaranteed to work.

side milling

So first of all if you ever broke your car key or heard of some one who did, the thicker metal block is much harder to brake simply  because there is more metal. Second most important is manipulation of  locks, pick, pop, or mold is much harder with these systems there is more wafers(metal pins) and they located on both sides of a key way so to simply pick-it becomes a much harder task then common locks. Third issue its dealers want to keep the cars secure so every couple years they change the lock system.

Mobile locksmith is leading laser cut service in Tulsa OK:

We been servicing these locks for years from 85 Mercedes cars that already have been using this system to 2013 Ford Focus that just implemented this system. Our professional locksmiths always up to date and can cut and program laser car keys.

When you need a spare key for your 2005 Honda pilot or if you lost  key for your 2007 Lexus ES350 or VW beetle . We done it all and don’t believe the dealer that says only we can do it, they just don`t know any better.

Don`t tow your car, don`t pay dealer prices call Mobile Locksmith 918-770-8665