Kick-ins will cost YOU money$$$

Kick-ins cost against Armor Concepts:

The actual cost and frequency of kick-ins is greater than many property owners realize. Regardless of the neighborhood, doors get kicked in every day by intruders, angry spouses, vandals, residents forgetting their keys, or people looking to settle a score. With repair costs often exceeding $500, the cost of broken doors quickly adds up, especially if you manage apartments or other multi-dwelling units, where it can happen several times a month. Add in the potential cost of lost tenants or lawsuits and it’s much less expensive to armor your doors and put an end to kick-ins. Simply put, it will cost you much less to use these products than it will not to use them.

Do The Math:
Cost to repair / replace door = $500.00
EZ Armor Combo Set = 99.00$
Your Savings = $401.00

About Armor Concepts

Armor Concepts solutions for doors and windows will save you time, money and possibly much more. We were victims of the security myth that alarms prevent intrusions.
These solutions were designed by an engineer to protect our properties from door kick-ins because nothing else worked. False security cost us dearly, so you can always count on honest representation of what our solutions will or will not do. More than 130,000 of our patented, proven, and trusted solutions are installed in apartments and homes across the United States and Canada.

Why Use Door Jamb Armor?
Wrapping technology and multiple strike-point protection make Door Jamb Armor the most effective door security product available. Door Jamb Armor can be used to repair the most severely damaged jambs. Door Jamb Armor is a more effective and less expensive alternative to steel door jambs. Maximum Security for Your Home Business or Rental Property Door Jamb Armor® will help eliminate kick-ins in even the worst situations. Attractive alternative to security bars. Has stood up to a battering ram in independent tests.

EZ Armor represents the perfect combination of ease and functionality. It can be installed in no time, by just about anyone with a drill, and easily repairs kick-in damage. EZ Armor reinforces all of the key weak points on a door. Other products reinforce one key point, leaving other points to break and allowing intruders to enter at will. Anything less will cost you more in the long run!

Why Use EZ Armor?
Reinforces all of the key strike points that will break when kicked. 45 degree steel pieces secure the jamb, hinges and door. Install in about 30 minutes. Minimal tools, minimal skill required. Secure Your Entire Door The EZ Armor Combo Set reinforces the jamb, locks and hinges. These are the key points on a door that will break when kicked. Securing only the jamb leaves the door and hinges vulnerable. Quick Repair & Reinforcement Repair existing kick-in damage. Pieces are installed without removing
trim or cutting any nails. One Kit Fits Most Doors! Will fit jambs of any thickness. Great for older homes. Barely visible once installed and can be painted.

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