My Key Won’t Turn in My Acura’s/Honda’s Ignition

Honda key wont work in the ignition?

All thou Honda have built good reliable cars that last long time and don’t give they owners any problems there is one area that Honda failed the high security key system that was implemented sense 2003 on all Acura/Honda vehicles.

high-security honda key
Honda Remote key

If you have a Honda or Acura with a high security key its only matter of time when your ignition lock or door lock will quit working.

The first symptoms  your key is hard to enter the ignition or door lock, then you car is gets harder and harder to start or unlock, eventually you fighting with it for thirty minutes for it to work and then comes that day that dosent matter what you do it just wont work.

So first of all its nothing that you done that cause that, its just bad lock design.

We in Mobile locksmith suggest that as soon you see any of above symptoms starting to appear call us 918-770-8665  so we can do the repair before it will catch you at worst possible time.

Honda recall: 870,000 minivans and SUV’s for

ignition defect

All thou it was in 2003 and last till 2006 now they just tell you “fix it out your own pocket”  because the first owner didn’t when they had the recall.

That solution will cost you, for they design flaw,  Honda will replace the whole ignition assembly and make you buy new keys, witch will cost over 500$.

Mobile locksmith can service the ignition and not just replace it, and supply new keys for the vehicle if you need to ensure proper operation. Door locks also have the same problem and can be serviced or replaced. All these services will cost you fraction of dealer price and we will save you the tow by coming to you and servicing your Honda on site!!!

Don’t be taken advantage by Honda dealers:

Don`t spend loads of money for Honda’s mistakes call Mobile Locksmith in Tulsa at 918-770-8665, to have your Honda ignition or door lock repaired or replaced.

As well we  can provide you with an extra key, that we will cut and program in to your car, or a valet key that cannot be duplicated and will operate your car its a good backup key to have in case you lock yourself out or some one borrowing your car.