Electronic lock or mechanical one?

What is is electronic lock?Electric lockelectric dead boltKey pad dead bolt

An electronic lock operates using an electrical actuator rather than the mechanical system used in traditional locks. Electronic locking systems offer flexibility by enabling an interface to an access control system and further integration with other security systems as well as personnel management tasks such as time and attendance. Deciding on a lock can be a pretty major decision if your valuables are at stake. If at any time you need a locksmith, use Mobile locksmith to get  a quality locksmith within minutes.

The pros and cons of electrical lock:


– Faster to open, resulting from the keys and keypad

– Minimal light is needed to read the keypad

– Glasses are rarely needed due to the increased font size

– Easier to change the code- there is no need to have a technician change the code for you

– Because you do not need a technician to set the lock, you do not have to worry about someone else knowing the combination.


– Must remember to change the battery

– Items can be trapped in the event of an electrical failure

Mechanical Locks


– Longer life span- breakdown from electrical reasons is eliminated

– Increased durability due to focus on non-electrical aspects

– Worry free concerning electrical failures


– Forgetting to turn the dial leaves an easy access to burglars

– Tumblers can become misaligned

– Most common locks easily picked or bumped


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