Broken honda key remote repair

Is your Honda key remote looks like that ?Honda-Key-Broken

When your Honda remote key brakes off and most of these remotes will brake off, we have a much more affordable key shell solution.

We now stock newly redesigned rugged Honda key shells!

These new rugged replacement Honda key shells address the flaw design of all Honda remote headed keys, it replaces the flimsy plastic that holds the blade and attaches it to the remote part with all new mixture of ruuged silicon that gives the secure and strong attachment to the remote head.

so these new Honda remote shells remove flawed HONDA design and provide very durable solution to all remote Headed keys with tree or four buttons.

How Much these cost?

Why spend 200-300 dollars at the dealers to replace and reprogram new key to your car while we can preform the repair at fraction of the cost and your remote with our shell will get facelift and look like brand new key and last for long years of use.

honda shell