All you need to know about Rekeying

  Rekeying what is it? How master Rekey works? Rekeying was first invented in 1836 by Solomon Andrews, a New Jersey locksmith. His lock had adjustable tumblers and keys, allowing the owner to rekey it at any time. Later in the 1850s, inventors Andrews and Newell patented removable tumblers which could be taken apart and

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How to Replace car key

Steps to replace your car key Write down you car’s VIN number. This will be necessary in finding someone who will help you replace the key. In most cars, the VIN is located on the driver’s side dashboard and is visible through the window, but it may also be located on a rear wheel well

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Spare a Key

A locksmith is the first person you call when you have a lockout emergency, but did you know we can help you prevent emergencies as well? That’s right, 24-7 Mobile Locksmith can provide you with spare keys. Keep a set handy or give a set to your loved ones to help prevent future lockouts.